If you do not use the air conditioner for a long period, such as during winter, it may not give the best performance when you start using it again.

To help maintain optimum performance and durability of your air conditioner, it needs to be run periodically. Operate the air conditioner at least once a month for one minute with the engine running. This circulates the refrigerant and oil and helps protect the internal components.

Original Equipment tires play an integral role in achieving the vehicle’s desired comfort and performance capabilities, and greatly influence the vehicle’s personality. And as vehicles have evolved, so have OE tires. For the most part, today’s vehicles are lighter, more fuel-efficient and more responsive than those built a decade ago. This has caused corresponding reductions in tire weight and rolling resistance, while enhancing the tire’s handling capabilities.

Unfortunately even the best tires are still a compromise. This is because the current materials and manufacturing technologies that provide many desirable tire attributes are directly opposed to other desirable attributes. For example, a “hard” tread compound that could provide long wear and low rolling resistance would also reduce traction. An “aggressive” tread design that could better resist hydroplaning or provide enhanced snow traction would also generate more noise. And a “stiff” sidewall that could provide responsive handling and high-speed stability would also reduce ride comfort. These opposing goals require blending and balancing the tire’s comfort and performance traits until they are optimized for the OE tire’s intended vehicle application.

Each vehicle manufacturer prioritizes the areas that they feel are of greatest benefit to help their vehicles satisfy their drivers.

All new Suzuki vehicles are covered by a 3 year or 60,000 km new vehicle limited warranty, 5 year or 100,000 km powertrain warranty and 3 years unlimited mileage roadside assistance. For complete details as to what is and what is not covered for your particular vehicle, please review your New Vehicle Warranty and Maintenance Information Booklet provided with your vehicle.

Your Suzuki Warranty & Service Point can get the key code for you. You will be required, however, to visit your nearest Warranty & Service Point and show proof of ownership of your vehicle. North Vancouver Suzuki’s parts department can order one for you.

Tires that come as original equipment are warranted by their manufacturer. This includes compact spare tires. Separate warranty statement(s) are provided with each vehicle, covering the specific warranty details for those products.

One owner’s manual is provided by Suzuki Canada at the time of original sale. Replacement manuals may be ordered from North Vancouver Suzuki’sparts department.